One class >10,000 PR.
 - or -
At least two classes >5,000 PR.
 - or -
75 Mastery.

1. Trove's rules.
2. Maintain an acceptable level of maturity.

Staff & VIPs
Scrubthulu - President
WrathSenpai - Vice President
Souleaters22 - Officer
Smeagolm - Officer
PH03N1X1337 - Officer

About Us
Eight is a club for those who enjoy playing casually.
Prerequisites are subject to change.

Q: "Do you do ST runs?"
A: We can carry any member up to UM WP, just be sure to submit a carry request. For UM PIN - DOTM, we will have to assemble a group. - Scrubthulu

Q: "If this is a casual club, why have a power requirement?"
A: I believe that any regular player (that has been playing for at least a month) shouldn't have a problem getting these stats. In addition, it'd helpful to have a roster of players that would all be able to join - at the bare minimum - entry level UM STs, and U8 Shores of the Everdark. Exceptions can, and have been made; we're pretty flexible, so just apply. - Scrubthulu