Realm of the Mad God Official Class Tier List


This list is opinionated, and since my opinion is the correct opinion, those who don't agree are wrong and should make friends with an Ice Sphere.

Also, this shit is still under construction so you'll have to wait for me to finish it. - 12/17/19

SS Tier

Literally God

The Priest is well-regarded as the most important class of them all. This is due to the fact that they can press the space bar to stop you from dying. Sometimes they won't save your ass, but it's not their fault, it's yours. In addition, they get to use wands. Wands are pretty much like long-range daggers with piercing, making them the ultimate choice for those who like getting loot while maintaining a cowardly safe distance from the bad guys. 10/10 the goodest, healthiest boye.

S Tier

The Stun Gun

Knights are some of the strongest heros to wander the realm. Known for hitting things with their shields instead of their swords, these guys really know how to handle themselves. With their robust cap of 40 defense, not even the strongest bosses can lay a finger on them. It's not like any of that matters though, because with some expert dodging and a click of the space bar, most foes give up entirely and refuse to attack, accepting their imminent demise at the hands of this plate-clad monster.

The Glass Cannon

In the other corner, sporting nothing but a bathrobe and a rock taped to a branch, the heavyweight lightweight joins the fray! This absolute king of damage per second will always hit SB from a cool 8.55 tiles away. In addition to their staves, Wizards are equipped with an arsenal of spells to lay down magical hellfire grenades. Imagine being a bad guy wandering the godlands and coming upon this frail-looking dude holding a stick and a piece of paper. You feel like you could crush them with ease, so you move in for the kill. That was your last moment before taking a fireball machine gun to the face and promptly detonating from within and becoming a living firework. They don't even bother picking up the mithril chainmail you left behind.

A Tier


Mystic - stop for snack break

The Steamroller

Warrior - hits stuff really hard, ability is crack cocaine, second-hand fumes invigorate party members

B Tier

Single-Player Mode

Rogue - sneaky fucker

Robin Hood

Archer - good with groups of enemies, can make them stand still by aiming for the knee, neat hat

C Tier

The Bane of Frames

Necromancer - bastard child of wizards and priests


Assassin - breaks geneva protocol on the regular, on the run from police when not slaying baddies

D Tier

Nothing Personnel Kid

Trickster - hits harder than the other dagger classes, but always ends up teleporting to her doom

Wombo Combo

Sorcerer - wand class that cant aim

E Tier

Robin Hood's Wife

Huntress - thanks to contant invuln phases and steamrolling, theres about a one percent chance youll actually be able to land your trap. to remedy this, you think you can just preemmptivley lay a trap for the enemy to walk into duck hunt style, right? wrong. laying a trap is a sure-fire way to guarentee that enemies will never again walk on those specific tiles.


Samurai - just a ninja with armor

F Tier

The Fast Dude

Ninja - not good at anything, ability obviously for running away cause would get shredded like paper if he didnt


Paladin - gets both gcookie and oreo, wont fucking share